Krishnaswamy, K. N.

Cases in operations management Krishnaswamy, K. N. - New Delhi PrenticeHall of India 2008 - viii, 391 p.

This book is intended to enhance the knowledge of MBA students in Operations Management acquired in a basic level course. The case-study material covered relates to a wide spectrum of management activities, and deals with the application of statistical, operations research and system analysis methods to problems categorized under several headings. The book can therefore be used in conjunction with a course in Operations Management or as an independent second course. Thirty-one real-world cases in the book are the result of several years of research work by the authors, including consultancy assignments, doctoral dissertations, and project assignments of graduate management students. The cases are research oriented and encourage students to think rigorously in an environment of uncertainty of a real-world situation. The cases are comprehensive enough to drill students in devising alternative methods of solutions, and arm them with a deep understanding of decision-making processes instead of merely providing them with a general appreciation of managerial perspective. These realistic cases help in learning applications of quantitative and analytical techniques of management, bringing home to the student the challenges of managing activities throughout the organization.


Operations Management - Cases


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