Butteriss, Margaret

Coaching corporate MVPs: challenging and developing high-potential employees Butteriss, Margaret - Ontario John Wiley Canada Ltd. 2008 - ix, 210 p.

Corporate MVPs are the high-achievers in your organization. Only five to ten percent of your workforce, they are the key top performers who deliver extraordinary value to your business. they can be an any level in the organization, they produce dramatic and tangible results, challenge the status quo, serve as role models for others, and are team players and talent magnets who attract other high-potential individuals. The future of your business depends on developing a pipeline of Corporate MVPs, but too often they are not effectively managed or developed. Good management is the key to success in attracting and retaining these high-value performers, but how do you manage them effectively? The answer for many organizations lies in coaching and mentoring: creating personalized, individual development plans designed to meet the specific needs of high-performing employees. Based on an extensive interview study sponsored by Right Management, Coaching Corporate MVPs focuses on how to use coaching successfully to develop and challenge your top performers: How the development needs of MVPs differ from those of others employees. How coaching fits into the development needs and plans of Corporate MVPs. How coaching Corporate MVPs is different from coaching others. The role of the manger and of HIR in working with coaches and MVPs. When to use coaching and when not to. How to select the right coaches to work with these individuals. The coach's experience - what works with MPs, and what doesn't? Extensive interviews with managers, coaches, and HR professionals offer up best practices from companies such as GE, Chubb Insurance, MDS, Maple Leaf Foods, Scotia bank, PepsiCo International, Procter and Gamble, Rogers Communications, and Shell International. Coaching Corporate MVPs gives you the practical advice and tools you need to develop and retain your organization's most valuable performers.


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