Christensen, Ralph

Roadmap to strategic HR: turning a great idea into a business reality - New Delhi PrenticeHall of India Pvt. Ltd., 2008 - xiii, 270 p

For decades now, human resources professionals have sounded the drumbeat of change: HR must transform itself from an administrative function into a strategic business partner. But it has been said so often, for so long, and with so little concrete, real-life information on how to actually achieve this new mission, that the message often sounds like a wouldn't-it-be-nice scenario. But it isn't. More and more traditional HR activities are being farmed out to service centers, external vendors, and line managers. The work of HR is changing, and more and more professionals realize that to succeed in the future they must be part of the team that makes important business decisions. Roadmap to Strategic HR is a sorely needed prescription for achieving strategic focus in complex organizations.


Personnel management
Personnel departments - Management
Manpower planning
Strategic planning
Personnel management - Vocational guidance


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