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020 _a9781137536440
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245 _aCultures of wellbeing: methods, place, policy
260 _bPalgrave Macmillan
_aNew York
300 _axvii, 290 p.
504 _aTable of Contents: 1. Introduction: the many faces of wellbeing Part I. Mixed Methods 2. Enquiries into wellbeing : how could qualitative data be used to improve the reliability of survey data? 3. Measuring national wellbeing : what matters to you? What matters to whom? 4. Staying well in a South African township : stories from public health and sociology 5. Economics and subjectivities of well being in rural Zambia 6. 'The weight falls on my shoulders' : close relationships and women's wellbeing in India Part II. Qualitative Reseach 7. The dynamics of relational wellbeing in the context of mobility in Peru 8. Tensions in conceptualising psychosocial wellbeing in Angola : the marginalisation of religion and spirituality 9. Picture this : visual explorations of wellbeing in a landmine-contaminated landscape in Cambodia 10. Authorised voices in the construction of wellbeing discourses : a reflective ethnographic experience in northern Mexico 11. Historical reconstruction and cultural identity building as a local pathway to 'living well' amongst the Pemon of Venezuela
520 _aThe authors challenge psychological perspectives on happiness and subjective wellbeing. Highlighting the politics of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, case studies across continents explore wellbeing in relation to health, children and youth, migration, economics, religion, family, land mines, national surveys, and indigenous identities. http://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9781137536440
650 _aInterpersonal relations
650 _aWell-being
650 _aJuvenile nonfiction - Social science - Politics - Government
700 _aWhite, Sarah C.
700 _aBlackmore, Chloe
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