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245 _aDisorganization theory: explorations in alternative organizational analysis
_cHassard, John
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520 _aOrganizational analysis has moved in a number of directions since its origins in mainstream theories of positivism and functionalism. This challenging new book sets out an alternative agenda for the field, discussing existing critical discourses, whilst exploring a selection of emerging ideas and arguments. Addressing a series of key epistemological, conceptual and methodological issues, Disorganization Theory is designed to encourage reflexive thinking on the part of the reader. Influenced by critical philosophies of deconstruction and discourse, the book not only offers insight into established debates surrounding, for example, postmodernism and actor-network theory, but also brings forth new insights in the field: mimesis, consumption, retrospection, decoration, governmentality, and fluidity theories are all discussed. Written by an international team of leading organizational theorists, this book is an important and contentious addition to the literature. It is an ideal companion for students and researchers working in the fields of advanced organization and management theory, and critical management studies.
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