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100 _aD'Cruz, Premilla
245 _aThinking creatively at work: a sourcebook
_cD'Cruz, Premilla
260 _aNew Delhi
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504 _aPART I. Understanding the Sphere of Creativity PART II. Getting Oriented Module 1. Initiating Ideation Module 2. Thinking Laterally Module 3. Relayering Module 4. Fantasy Trials Module 5. Essential Brainstorming
520 _aThinking Creatively at Work: A Sourcebook moves away from linear and static notions of creativity to put forth a dynamic, comprehensive and contextualized understanding of the subject. It captures process and outcome dimensions, integrating multiple viewpoints from cognitive psychology, while strengthening intra-organizational contexts. The book offers a graded, holistic training program that fills a gap felt by management educators and trainers. It encompasses the mandates of the deficit and barrier models of creativity training, addressing techniques, facilitators and inhibitors. The program ensures lasting changes in the individual's cognitive abilities and integrates these with his existing skills. (http://www.sagepub.in/books/Book233468)
650 _aCreative ability in business
650 _aCreative thinking
650 _aCreative ability
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