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R. Gandhi and Churchill: the epic rivalry that destroyed an empire and forged our age by Herman, Arthur Gandhi and communal harmony Gandhi and group conflict: an exploration of satyagraha: theoretical background by Naess, Arne Gandhi and his contemporaries by Roy Choudhury, P. C. Gandhi and his critics by Nanda, B. R. Gandhi and his social thought by Bakshi, S. R. Gandhi and Marx by Mashruwala, Kishorlal Ganshyamlal Gandhi and modern times Gandhi and peace by Pathak, D. N. Gandhi and revolution by Prasad, Devi Gandhi and Tagore: politics, truth and conscience by Mukherji, Gangeya Gandhi and the Ali brothers: biography of a friendship by Chatterji, Rakhahari Gandhi and the middle East: Jews Arabs and imperial interests by Panter-Brick, Simone Gandhi centenary papers Gandhi darshan: nayee sadee ke badalte sandharbh by Ratoo, Krishna Kumar Gandhi darshan: samsamyik sandharbh Gandhi for youth by Dasgupta, Sugata Gandhi in Bombay: towards swaraj by Thakkar, Usha Gandhi in political theory: truth, law and experiment by Veeravalli, Anuradha Gandhi is gone who will guide us now ?: Nehru Prasad Azad Vinoba Kripalani J.P. and others introspect Sevagram March 1948 Gandhi kavyayan Gandhi ke management sootra by Jha, Mamta Gandhi ki bhoomi se by Rajkishor Gandhi Labour Institute: annual report 1985-86 - 1988-89 Gandhi on personal leadership: lessons from the life and times of India's visionary leader by Kumarasamy, Anand Gandhi sathe athavadiya - A week with Gandhi (ગાંધીજી સાથે અઠવાડિયા) by Fischer, Louis Gandhi shiksha: siddhant aur prayog by Bhatnagar, Rajendra Mohan Gandhi today by Sethi, Jai Dev Gandhi, Nehru and the quit India movement: a study in the dynamics of a mass movement by Patil, V. T. Gandhi, Nehru aur Tagore by Natanee, Praksh Narayan Gandhi, Tagore and a new ethics of argumentation by Giri, Ananta Kumar Gandhi: a political and spiritual life by Tidrick, Kathryn Gandhi: a study in revolution by Ashe, Geoffrey Gandhi: a very short introduction by Parekh, Bhikhu Gandhi: naked ambition by Adams, Jad Gandhi: the writer (the image as it grew) by Bhattacharya, Bhabani Gandhi's conscience keeper: C. Rajagopalachari and Indian politics by Srinivasan, Vasanthi Gandhi's coolie: life and times of Ramkrishna Bajaj by Kamath, M. V. Gandhi's emissary by Ghose, Sudhir Gandhi's khadi: a history of contention and conciliation by Ramagundam, Rahul Gandhi's passion: the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi by Wolpert, Stanley Gandhi's philosophy of education by Richards, Glyn Gandhi's religion: a homespun shawl by Jordens, J. T. F. Gandhi's teachers: John Ruskin by Sharma, Satish Gandhi's teachers: Leo Tolstoy by Sharma, Satish Gandhi's teachers: Rajchandra Ravjibhai Mehta by Sharma, Satish Gandhi's vision and values: the moral quest for change in Indian agriculture by Pinto, Vivek Gandhiji ni Europe yatra (Entertaining Gandhi) (ગાંધીજી ની યુરોપ યાત્રા) by Lestar, Jumari Myurial Gokhale, Gandhi and the Nehrus: studies in Indian nationalism by Nanda, B. R. Goodbye to gandhi?: travels in the new India by Imhasly, Bernard Great soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India by Lelyveld, Joseph Gujarat beyond Gandhi: identity, conflict and society by Mehta, Nalin Higher standard of leadership: lessons from the life of Gandhi by Nair, Keshavan In Gandhi's footsteps: the life and times of Jamnalal Bajaj by Nanda, B. R. India after Gandhi: the history of the world's largest democracy by Guha, Ramachandra India needs Gandhi by Agraval, Shriman Narayan Insights for managers from confucius to Gandhi by Bierman, Harold Jinnah and Gandhi: their role in India's quest for freedom by Majumdar, S. K. Jinnah vs. Gandhi by Matthews, Roderick Khadi: Gandhi's mega symbol of subversion by Gonsalves, Peter M.K. Gandhi's Hind Swaraj: a critical edition by Gandhi, M. K. Mahatma Gandhi by Nehru, Jawaharlal Mahatma Gandhi by Pyarelal Mahatma Gandhi - 2 Vols by Pyarelal Mahatma Gandhi and his apostles by Mehta, Ved Prakash Mahatma Gandhi ka chintan by Dadhich, Naresh Mahatma Gandhi ki prerak gathayen by Saini, Renu Mahatma Gandhi: a biography by Nanda, Bal Ram Mahatma Gandhi: his life and ideas by Andrews, Charles F. Mahatma Gandhi: the man who become one with the universal being by Rolland, Romain Mahatma Gandhi: the new economic agenda by Joshi, P. C. Mahatma Gandhi's ideas, including selections from his writings by Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand Main Gandhi bol raha hoon (Thus Spake Mahatma Gandhi) MGNREGA SAMEEKSHA: an anthology of research studies on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005: 2006-2012 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: a bibliography Mr. Gandhi and the emancipation of the untouchables by Ambedkar, B. R. Mrs. Gandhi by Moraes, Dom F. Mrs. Gandhi's second reign by Shourie, Arun Music of the spinning wheel: Mahatma Gandhi's manifesto for the internet age by Kulkarni, Sudheendra Nehru: a troubled legacy with rare letters by Gandhi, Nehru and Patel by Singh, R.N.P. New perspectives on Gandhi by Karunakaran, Kotta P Organisational dynamics in non-profit organizations: case study on Manav Sadhana (NGO working from Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram) by Arijit Chatterjee (Student Project) by Chatterjee, Arijit Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi for the twenty-first century Planning for sustainability in irrigation: command area development Indira Gandhi canal project Power to the people: the political thought of M.K. Gandhi, M.N. Roy and Jayaprakash Narayan Quest for participatory democracy: towards understanding the approach for Gandhi and Jayaprakash Narayan by Kumar, Anand Quotes of Gandhi Ramchandra Gandhi: the man and his philosophy Rediscovering Gandhi by Chadha, Yogesh Report on Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas (2012-2013) of Parliament of India Lok Sabha (Presented on 19.3.2013) Report No. 18-20 Right to work and rural India: working of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) Saooth block main Gandhi by Rakesh, Rajkumar Social philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi by Prasad, Mahadeva Social responsibility of business and the trusteeship theory of Mahatma Gandhi by Upadhyaya, R. B. Social welfare in India: Mahatma Gandhi's contributions by Majumdar, Ammu Menon Speaking of Gandhi's death by Suhrud, Tridip Studies in modern Indian political thought: Gandhi, an interpretation by Goyal, O. P. The bhagavad gita according to Gandhi by Gandhi, Mohandas K The Cambridge companion to Gandhi The collected works of Mahatma Gandhi - 90 Vols. by Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand The economic philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi by Gupta, S. S. The emissary: G. D. Birla, Gandhi and independence by Ross, Alan The essential Gandhi: an anthology by Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand The essential writings of Mahatma Gandhi The Gandhi reader: a source book of his life and writings The good boatman: a portrait of Gandhi by Gandhi, Rajmohan The great Indian way: a life of Mahatma Gandhi by Rao, Raja The life of Mahatma Gandhi by Fischer, Louis The life of Mahatma Gandhi - 2 parts by Fischer, Louis The moral and political thought of Mahatma Gandhi by Iyer, Raghavan N. The moral and political writings of Mahatma Gandhi by Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand The Oxford India Gandhi: essential writing The Revolutionary personality: Lenin, Trotsky, Gandhi by Wolfenstein, E. Victor The South African Gandhi: stretcher-bearer of empire by Desai, Ashwin The untold story of Kasturba: wife of Mahatma Gandhi by Gandhi, Arun The way is the goal: Gandhi today by Galtung, Johan The way is the goal: Gandhi today - Abridged Version by Galtung, Johan The way of Gandhi and Nehru by Husain, S. Abid The web of freedom: J. C. Kumarappa and Gandhi's struggle for economic justice by Govindu, Venu Madhav Three statesmen Gokhale, Gandhi, and Nehru by Nanda, B. R. Timeless inspirator: reliving Gandhi Tolstoy and Gandhi by Nag, Kalidas Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in conversation with Fred J Blum by Thakkar, Usha