Brand_Student Project RSS feed for public list Brand_Student Project A study of celebrity brand endorsements on socail media(CD) by Prakash, Mayank Acceptance/ Rejection of Gendered Brands of Androgynous Products by Radhesh C. Verma and Sujit Kumar Biswas (Student Project) by Verma, Radhesh C. Advertising strategy for a medium - sized textile manufacturer by Arun T.N. Kumar and S. Sen Gupta (Student Project) by Kumar, Arun T.N. Analysis of a marketing case using lotus - 123 by Rajeev Anant Kale (Student Project) by Kale, Rajeev Anant Analysis of sources, extent and nature of pioneer brand advantege and strategies for pioneeing brands and late entrants by Ajay Mohan Dang (Student Project) by Dang, Ajay Mohan Analysis of the positioning strategies of the major brands of instant coffee in India by P. Datta (Student Project) by Datta, P. Application of quantitive models and statistical tools to other functional areas, especially marketing by S. Ramaswami (Student Project) by Ramaswami, S. Brand equity index: Determinates and measurement by Satish P. Kulkarni and Suresh V. (Student Project) by Kulkarni, Satish P. Brand extension - a case of Vadilal by Dronodeb Raychaudhuri and Suyash Lad (Student Project) by Raychaudhuri, Dronodeb Brand identification and "brand equity" in rural India for consumer goods - prospects and challenge by Ramesh K. (Student Project) by K., Ramesh Brand ranking analysis assessment and efficacy by Nitin Rungta and Rohit Pareek (Student Project) by Rungta, Nitin Brand relaunches by Kanchan Mirani and Indrajit Lahiri (Student Project) by Mirani, Kanchan Brand repositioning of intel by Mukta Dharma and Nishim Kaler (Student Project) by Dharma, Mukta Brand strategy: brand extensions in the Indian context by Nachiket Pantvadiya and P. R. Ganpathy (Student Project) by Pantvadiya, Nachiket Branded commodities in the Indian market scope and potential: a report by Madhu Manral and Sumit K. Mishra (Student Project) by Manral, Madhu Branding and online advertisement inventory management strategy for by Aurvind Lama and Ganapathi Srinivas Lingala (Student Project) by Indian Institute of Management Branding and positioning of commodities by N. Sathish and Abdurahiman K. K. (Student Project) by N., Sathish Branding cotton by T. M. Narayan and Priya B. Prasad (Student Project) by Narayan, T. M. Branding in Indian food market by Saroj Kumar Nanda (Student Project) by Nanda, Saroj Kumar Branding of commodities recent phenomena by Anuragi Raman and Raman Sengupta (Student Project) by Raman, Anuragi Branding of dry fruits in the Ahmedabad market by Sandeep T. Yadav and Subash V. (Student Project) by Yadav, Sandeep T. Branding of fruits: an evaluation of the business prosposition for GCMMF by N. Ganesh and Gumma Sashi Kumar (Student Project) by Ganesh, N. Building of a sustainable and profitable brand of mustard oil by Hemendra Mathur, Pranay Dandia and Venkata P.K.Kalyan (Student Project) by Mathur, Hemendra Business strategies for the Indian coffee producers to market coffee in the world market by Ashish Bhatia (Student Project) by Bhatia, Ashish Can Amul extend it's brand to commodities? by Gyana Ranjan Das and Swapnakant Samal (Student Project) by Das, Gyana Ranjan Co - branding as a marketing strategy by Kavita B. C. and Shradha Vaid (Student Project) by B. C., Kavita Commodity brands: a study of Buyer's perceptions about product attributes by Sadh, Ashish Congitive development structure and brand choice behaviour of children Determinants and mesurement of brand Equity by Rajesh Ganesan and S Rajesh (Student Project) by Ganesan, Rajesh Developing a marketing strategy ofr increasing market share in hair colour market by an Indian brand (Student Project) by Pramanick, Abhik Development of a computer-based brand-name generator by Santhanam Mythily and Padma Parthasarthy (Student Project) by Mythily, Santhanam Dfferentiating products on irrelevant attributes and it's impact on consumer purchase decisions by Shailesh I. Mendonca and Sumit Sahay (Student Project) by Mendonca, Shailesh I. Distribution strategy & structure for edible oils by Anil K. Sharma and Sanjay Pradhan (Student Project) by Sharma, Anil K. Effect of sales promotion on perception of brand equity by Zacharias, Siby Effectivness of an advertising compaign for the 'Dairy Fresh Brand' of ice cream and the phenomenon of cross shopping between multiple brands of icecream marketed by vadilal enterp by Shukla, Amit Endorser charecteristics by product type: a segment wise study by Aparna Aga and Rashmi Agrawal (Student Project) by Aga, Aparna Formulation of a framework for managerial decisions on branding strategies by Gunjan Khetan and Shanmugan Subash (Student Project) by Khetan, Gunjan Grand project on the existing legal framework and the feasibility of reforms in labour laws in the...Indian context by Bhatt, Jagdish Identifying and analyzing customer brand relationships: classifying typologies of brand relationships measuring brand personalities by Shraddha Vohra (Student Project) by Vohra, Shraddha Identifying the brand: lifestyle linkages in the men's personal care products market by Anjum Anjum and Salil Sadanandan (Student Project) by AnjumKhan, Anjum Impact of brand investments in the Indian two wheeler industry on investment community and the company stock by Anuradha Dad and Kanishka Raja (Student Project) by Dad Anuradha Impact of different sales promotions in apparel retail sales on consumer's purchase intention and attitude towards brand by Nayanabhiram D. Impact of promotional channels on the consumer's perception of brands by Ankit Gulati and Diptesh Nandi (Student Project) by Gulati, Ankit Impact of simultaneous multiple brand introduction on an individual consumer's consideration set by Jujhar Singh and Sushrut Pant (Student Project) by Singh, Jujhar Importance of digital branding for celebrities(CD) by Ashraf Ali, K.M. Influence of the number of brand options available on customer behavior by Safique Mohamed M Line extensions and multi-branding tools for competitive strategy by N Balaji and Suryakant Pandey (Student Project) by Balaji, N. Load optimization in air compressors manufacturing unit at Ingeersoll - Rand India Limited by Braj Bhushan (Student Project) by Bhushan, Braj Managing change in organisations by Rajat Agrawal (Student Project) by Agrawal, Rajat Marketing strategies for branded edible oil by Ruchira Datta and Kusal Roy (Student Project) by Datta, Ruchira Marketing strategy for branded dried floral arrangements in Indian market by Rakesh Pande (Student Project) by Pande, Rakesh Marketing strategy for Sheetal mango pulp by Harpreet Singh and Sandeep Kalra (Project Report) by Singh, Harpreet Measuring the dimensions of brand knowledge and finding their relationship with reservation price by Ashwani Monga and Mahajan, Vishal Mahajan (Student Project) by Monga, Ashwani Optimization of store layout and inventory management of a multi-brand retail stroe for apparels by Bhutani, Ayush Pioneer brands: an analysis of their copetitive advantages and brand management strategies by Rekhia Dutta (Student Project) by Dutta, Rekhia Private label brands by Rahul Anand and Shyam Sundar Singh (Student Project) Quantitative model of brand equity with application in decision by Jayanthan Namputhiripad and Ketharaju Chandrasekhar (Student Project) by Namputhiripad, Jayanthan Role and effectiveness of branding in rural markets by Sandeep Kumar and Vivek Gupta (Student Project) by Kumar, Sandeep Rural consumer buying behaviour for consumer non durable branded goods by Monika and Ved Prakash Arya (Student Project) by Monika Rural maketing of branded consumer products by Morris K. George and Suresh Menon (Student Project) by George, Morris K. Standardization vs Localization decisions in multinational brand marketing by Jaivardhan Sinha and T.S. Anil (Student Project) by Sinha, Jaivardhan Strategic implications of building brand equity in FMCG industry by Niraj Ghai and Vivek Kumar (Student Project) by Ghai, Niraj Strategy for local brands to compete with foreign brands by Gautham Babu and Mayank Kedia (Student Project) by Kedia, Mayank Study of consumer behaviour for branded wheat flour by Rajeev Sharma (Student Project) by Sharma, Rajeev Study of effectiveness of celebrity brand endorsements by Shambhavi P. Study of malted food industry and devloping a marketing strategy for a follower brand by Pradeep Kumar (Student Project) by Kumar, Pradeep Study of organic food world market, market research to study the consumer behaviour, branding and marketing strategy for companies in the organic food market by Ketant K. Vagela an by Vagela, Ketan K. Study of packaging as a marketing tool with illustrative case studies in the biscuit, shampoo and edible oil industries by Pankaj Seith and others (Student Project) by Seith, Pankaj Study of potential for marketing a new brand of whole milk powder in small pack size y S.P. Singh (Student Project) by Singh, S. P. Study on branding and positioning strategies of bottled water in India by Bimalansu Sekhar Sahoo and Gaurav Gupta (Student Project) by Sahoo, Bimalansu Sekhar Study on choice of brand mix in apparel retail stores by Abhinav Jain and Aditya Paranjape (Student Project) by Jain, Abhinav Study the mechanisms of a brand licensing agreement and develop a framework for planning a new license or evaluating an existing license by B. R. Rejoy Kurup and Syeda Tahseen Quad by Rejoy Kurup, B. R. Study to develop an approach for testing a product concept (Bottled Coconut Water) by Atish Mitra (Student Project) by Mitra, Atish Takeover of Hutch by Vodafone: an analysis of brand re-positioning by Dushyant Mullar and Shruti Kapoor (Student Project) by Mullur, Dushyant Transactional Analysis and Brand Positioning by Subhadra Sethuraman and Sabyasachi Das (Student Project) by Sethuraman, Subhadra Valuation of the brand name of Proctor & Gamble by Pankaj Duhan (Student Project) by Duhan, Pankaj