Work: contexts and consequences - London Sage Publications 2005 - xxxiii, 341 p. Vol. 1 vi, 552 p. Vol. 2 vi, 533 p. Vol. 3 - Sage Library in Business & Management .

Work has been changing. One reason it has been changing is that the contexts of work have been changing. Macroeconomic and societal conditions place limitations and expectations on what work should do; technologies alter what is possible; relations between employers and employees become more or less amicable. As work has changed, its consequences have also changed. Work: Contexts and Consequences brings together the most important and influential articles in the field which cover the long-term trends 2F the contexts and consequences of work at the beginning of the new millenium. The volumes span diverse topics and methodologies. The editors have scanned decades of literature to pick nearly 60 exemplars of excellent research and scholarship on Work. These offer insight into recent changes in the contexts of work, while also being extremely valuable as suggestions about how research might fruitfully go forward.



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