Dessler, Gary

Human resource management - 15 - Noida Pearson India Education 2018 - xxxvi, 654 p.

Human Resource Management remains the best-selling text in the field, thanks to its authoritative and accurate information on HR-related responsibilities and personnel management. The new twelfth edition of the book has been written for all students of management, and not just those who will someday bear the title of human resource manager. Thus, this edition specifically focuses on the practical applications that all managers need to carry out their HR-related responsibilities. The addition of Indian case studies and examples to the original concepts of the book make this edition an invaluable, contextually relevant text for students in the subcontinent.


Human resource management
Personnel management
Training and development
Strategy and analysis - Human resource management
Employment laws - India
Employment laws - United States
Labor relations
Safety, health and risk management

658.3 / D3H8-1

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