Whitman, Drew Eric

Brain scripts for sales success: 21 hidden principles of consumer psychology for winning new customers - New York McGraw-Hill Education 2015 - xix, 199 p.

Table of contents:

Ch. 1 Introducing consumer psychology to sales
Ch. 2 The brainscripts x-ray: here's what the inside of your prospect's brain looks like
Ch. 3 BrainScripts: 21 Hidden principles of consumer psychology for winning customers and smashing sales records
BrainScript 1. The psychology of inoculation: how to use devilishly effective preemptive strikes to quash your competition
BrainScript 2. The psychology of sensory-specific language: how to direct hollywood-style movies inside your prospects' heads
BrainScript 3. The psychology of credibility transfer: how to borrow believability from others to enhance your own
BrainScript 4. the psychology of the T-model: how to craft your pitch for your prospects' stage of awareness
BrainScript 5. The psychology of social proof: how to tap into a prospect's survival mechanism to turn mistrust into sales
BrainScript 6. The psychology of fear: how to scare up more sales
BrainScript 7. The psychology of the means-end chain: how to sell more by accessing your prospect's value system
BrainScript 8. The elaboration likelihood model: how to use two different persuasion styles and when to use each one
BrainScript 9. The psychology of belief reranking: how to change the way your prospects think about your product
BrainScript 10. The psychology of comparison: how to profit from peer pressure
BrainScript 11. The psychology of liking: how to make prospects like you and hand you their money
BrainScript 12. The psychology of authority: how to crack the code of credibility
BrainScript 13. The psychology of reciprocation: how to use obligation to stimulate action
BrainScript 14. The psychology of commitment/consistency: how to make it uncomfortable for them not to buy
BrainScript 15. The psychology of scarcity: how to use real or perceived limitations to stimulate action
BrainScript 16. The psychology of examples versus statistics: how to know which to use and when
BrainScript 17. The psychology of message organization: how simplicity can boost your sales
BrainScript 18. The psychology of ego morphing: how to get prospects to identify with your products
BrainScript 19. The psychology of redundancy: how to use it to make your message stick like epoxy
BrainScript 20. The psychology of message sidedness: how pulling back the horse's lips can increase desire for your product
BrainScript 21. The psychology of the length-implies-strength heuristic: it must be true because he's saying so much

This is the newest, most successful strategies for landing the sale-based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and consumer psychology. BrainScripts for Sales Success explains consumer psychology to teach you how to personalize and enhance an approach and use basic, primal responses that are subtle but extremely effective. You'll learn how to use the powerful emotion of fear to convince stubborn prospects, make prospective customers successfully demonstrate the product inside their heads before they spend a penny to buy it, use speaking patterns that build desire for the product or service, and much more. BrainScripts brings you face-to-face with the prospect's intimate evaluation procedures so you can turn them into sales motivations and close the deal.



Selling - Psychological aspects
Marketing - Psychological aspects
Consumers - Psychology
Consumer behavior

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