Lidwell, William

Deconstructing product design: exploring the form, function, usability, sustainability, and commercial success of 100 amazing products - Beverly, Massachusetts Rockport Publishers 2009 - 240 p.

What makes a product successful?
How it looks? The way it functions? Its ease of use? Or do factors like price and marketing dominate?
In a quest to find answers to these questions, Deconstructing Product Design engages readers in a process of critically analyzing a diverse collection of 100 innovative products, from well-known classics to contemporary objects of desire. New in paperback, this books aims to support critical thinking about design, facilitate discovery of patterns of success (and failure) across products, and enable designers to apply lessons learned to their own design work. Experts from multiples design disciplines contribute commentary


Industrial design
New products
Product design

745.2 / L4D3

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