Quinn, Robert E.

Becoming a master manager: a competing values approach Quinn, Robert E. - 4th ed. - Hoboken John Wiley and Sons 2007 - xviii, 379 p

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Becoming a Master Manager is an effective tool for stimulating thinking and building management skills. The book takes you through some of the social and intellectual challenges that managers encounter everyday, the most prominent being pulled by competing demands and having to play many roles simultaneously. This book uses the Competing Values Framework, a comprehensive map on which competing demands can be located and placed in context. Becoming a Master Manager includes: Managerial examples from real organizations that illustrate new concepts using relevant examples. Learning models such as, mini-lectures, individual presentations, group simulations, small group and full class discussion activities, to expand knowledge of management and real organizations. A hands-on approach. An assessment, learning, analysis, practice, and application approach with each competency. (Source: LOC publishers description)


Executive ability
Organizational behavior


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